Sunday, October 4, 2009

What The Hell, We Are Going To Hell Anyway

WHAT THE HELL, we're all going to hell anyway, aren't we?

Since we are we should be making reservations and arranging the events. We would surely have at least a wing for the perverts, hedonists, nudists and insatiable horny bitch nymphos we all are. All of us would have the party of parties and it would last an eternity.

I'm sure we would have a good location since the Devil is most likely a pervert like us and would want to watch. Since it would be near his place it would likely have a lake view. The lake of course would be of fire and we could take our breaks watching the roasting of all those child molesters, rapist and sickos that make us all look bad.

Swimming there with them would be the lawyers and judges that allowed the molesters to get away with it. Turning on a spit would be the authority figures, ministers, teachers etc, that lusted after and abused us. The whole time pretending to be so above the rest of us morally and condemning us to hell.

It was our fault wasn't it, they just couldn't help themselves. We must have seduced them, us evil wanton children.

What a view. We will laugh point and cheer as they burst into flames. The devil will be enjoying it, even he hates those bastards.

Soon tiring of it we will continue with our eternal bash. Sucking and fucking everyone in sight. All of our favorites on tap, rolled, lined or drawn. The toys and exotic oils will be so plentiful that it will be a CPAs hell just to try and keep up with us.

Fun and orgasms for all.

What the hell, we'll love it, we're all going to hell anyway.

(reprinted from an older blog of ours located at Newbie Nudes)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Is That Bitch

It's 10:50 she will be here in a couple of minutes. Do I have everything? Rope, cuffs, a gag, a hood and plenty of those little whites. All set.

For the last week I've been sitting on that bench with her making small talk to make her comfortable enough to have a drink with me. She gets here exactly at 11:00 and the bus doesn't arrive till 11:15. Plenty of time.

10:55 time to get out and wait on the bench for her. Don't let her know about the van dumb ass that will blow it. Ok, I'm out. It's a go.

"Fixed" the drink. 10:59 Where is she?

Where the hell is she? It's 11:08 and the bus will be here soon and screw it up if she does show. Damn Bitch.

There goes the bus, Bitch didn't make it. How dare her stand me up! Where the hell is that Bitch?

I will give her till I finish this drink. I hope I didn't mix them up. That Bitch, I put a whole week in it and she didn't show. You just can't count on anyone these days. Where the hell is that Bitch?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am a filthy low down sex crazed pervert. I have always been and have no intention of changing.
I am happy and contented with who I am. I know and love myself and wouldn't change a thing except I would be getting more.

I am into just about anything you can imagine. I have tried everything and loved most of it. The things I don't like to do, I love to watch. I am not BI and am not interested in men but I get a voyeuristic thrill watching 2 men having sex.

The only things I can't deal with is death or suffocation sex (it creeps even me out too much), pedophiles and child molesters (I have other things in mind for them), Golden or excrement fetishes (that grosses me out) and bestiality. If you decide to have a go at Lassie or Rover though, send me the DVD.

As long as I can remember I have known about sex and the wonder of women. As a very small boy, I was the one that crawled into your lap to get a feel or a better view. You would ignore me as I softly opened your blouse to see those fine tits and if lucky your hard pink nipples. I was that quiet weird kid that would sit at your feet to see your panties and the way you would look through them.

I was the one that always walked in on you at the best time when you were changing or taking a bath. When you would hear leaves crunching outside your windows at night that was me. Missing panties? I had a great collection. I loved wrapping them around me and masturbating with them. I can still feel the satin and silk, it makes me hard to think about it.

I masturbated so often that I was raw and hurt all the time. Once I discovered that I had one I couldn't keep my hands off it. The pleasure was so thrilling that I became consumed with sex and all things sexual. My mind is never away from sexual thought.

When I was six we lived within walking distance of a family with many children and parents that worked late and were never home. One of them was near my age and we became friends.

One of the times when I was there, my friend and I went into their storage building and walked in on his older brother masturbating. He didn't try to hide it and just kept on whacking. I didn't understand this and asked "what you doin?" My friend said "he's jacking off, come on".

My friend and I went in and sat on the bed while his brother never missed a stroke. My friend pulled his out and started to rub it and invited me to do the same. Right then I got it.

My mother warned me about how nasty and disgusting it was to touch myself and I knew I would surely die and go to hell.

I ran all the way home with the Devil hot after me.

I thought about that allot and was excited to see for myself.

There I was all stretched out naked on the floor rubbing and playing with my nub the way the big kid did. I was never the same again.

Just a pervert. What the hell, goin to hell anyway. The Devil is still after me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Odd About Social Networking

Does this happen to you? Seems a little odd to me.

We like you, are here and all over to have a little fun and share pics and stories with those that like them. There are many social networking sites around that essentially are places to share pics for your friends to be able to view. Some of the ones that have members with adult restricted galleries will have everything from bikini models to the most graphic explicit images. Some have images that would make Larry Flint blush.

These sites are joined to give people a place to view your pics if interested and to view theirs. Usually these can only be seen by invitation and then only if the potential viewer joins the service and provides information necessary to eliminate minors. Warnings are offered to the new members as to the adult nature of the area. Those old enough and are not offended buy such offerings are allowed in. Most also allow a link to a website or group of yours for more information....... This is good for all.

The member has the ability for free usually to post personally owned photos, to view others profiles with photos and to meet and make new friends with people that have similar interests.

The sites are advertising driven as almost all sites are. The membership increases, because of invitation and publicity from the members and builds an enormous returning member base resulting in ad space becoming more and more valuable.

The members browse their friends and potential friends and click onto and buy from the advertisers. The advertisers have increased sales and the site can demand more for the space.

It is terrific upward spiral of members, advertisers and the site all receiving benefit. Everyone wins.

We have toured and reviewed many many of these sites. They are all over the place. It seems like a lifetime could be spent investigating them for your needs and interests. Essentially they are all the same with variations in their rules and their attitude toward the members.

There is an odd thing about these sites though.

The member is the customer and without them the sites have no base or traffic to entice advertisers to invest in promotional space. Without the member, regardless of the product
or offer, no one sees or buys the advertisers product or service. Without the member no one makes money and the site fails. It is no great loss to anyone except for the sites owner. The customer and the advertiser move to another site and the middle man disappears.

Considering all this how is it that a lot of these places are so arrogant and rude, nitpicking and harassing members, their bread and butter?

Most are very member friendly and make the experience enjoyable encouraging the member to return with an active relationship with the site.

Many are not though. It seems that some of the very large ones connected with some of the largest names are the least member friendly. They will send nasty scolding messages and treat you with the arrogance of the all powerful. Doesn't it seem odd to you, it does to me, that one profile will contain some pics that are so graphic the porn industry only has them in their most vulgar sites and is acceptable, while another profile may have very tame erotic pics with no nudity or sexual acts and be threatened and scolded into removing their membership. I bet this has happened to you.

All of us are about protecting children and no one wants to offend anyone else. We dont want to corrupt any ones point of view or expose anyone to anything they do not want.

We are all grateful for and support the sites that make our experiences more enjoyable but it does seem sometimes that too many have forgotten the business basics of who is there for who and who needs who.

In the ideal everyone wins.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Answers for the Previous Entry

Reprinted from oooos4all The Swingers Corner.

The questions were intentionally worded in such a way to ask "the difference between _____ people and _____ people". The blanks filled in are just descriptives, not the point of the question.

Our answer for every question is: Nothing!! There is no difference between people and people.
We are all alike, we just like different things.

Labels are placed on each of us all the time as definitions for who we are, based on what we do. Every day you see it in your job or in public at someones job.
We all have some kind of title that defines us.

It DOES NOT mean that is who we are, it only means that is what we do.

We like what we like and you like what you like. When we are able to accept and respect each other for who we are, there is going to one hell of a good time for all.

If we all like the same things, everyone would be chasing your grandma!
oooos 4 all

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wanna Play With a Poll

Reprinted from our parent site oooos4all The Swingers Corner. Link to found on this page.

Your knowledge and your opinion with ours. See if we agree on anything.

What is the difference between gay people and straight people?
What is the difference between lesbian people and gay people?
What is the difference between lesbian people and bisexual people?
What is the difference between gay people and bisexual people?
What is the difference between bisexual people and straight people?
What is the difference between lifestyle people and vanilla people?
What is the difference between transsexual people and BDSM people?
What is the differences between BDSM people and Lifestyle people.
What is the difference between voyeur people and exhibitionist people?
What is the difference between vanilla people and voyeur people?
What is the differences between all these types of people?

See if your agree with us, it's just opinion.

Look on the Swingers Info page for our answers.

Answers here in next post.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Cat in the Hat.....Merch Mover

The Cat in the Hat..............What a salesman

This cat is a hero to all closers. His methods should be firmly planted in ones mind when wrapping up that big deal...........

When we were all small in the very early grades of school, we were exposed to Dr. Suess with all those odd stories and characters. It was all to hold our attention long enough to get the message. Who knows what that was, as most of us hardly remember any of it...............

We spent all that money on sales training when all we needed was Dr. Suess.

Let's go spy on this merch moving cat and see what he is up to.

We see the cat arriving at the house of little Timmy just as he is sitting down for a bowl of gruel for breakfast.

The breakfast appears very unappealing, exposing a need to the Cat. The cats product would fill the need and since Timmy was the consumer of that breakfast he became instantly qualified.

The cat began the presentation of the product that he knew would fill the need of Timmy, the qualified customer. "Instead of gruel, you would like some green eggs and ham, wouldn't you?" This question combined the presentation with the close since the product described its self. Too often the deal is lost in over presentation by not seeing the closing opportunities and asking for the sale.

Timmy, being resistive to any salesman, was not interested in the product. (Salesman are just trying to beat you out of your money, aren't they?) Without consideration of the offer, he immediately declined. "Oh no, I don't want green eggs and ham. I wouldn't, I couldn't eat green eggs and ham for breakfast."

This is where non-closers, feeling rejection, go to the next house, since that customer didn't want the product. (sorry ass product. No one could sell this crap) Not our Merch Mover, he knows this is an Objection not Rejection.

"Well, if you wouldn't, couldn't eat green eggs and ham for breakfast then you could, you would eat green eggs and ham for lunch, wouldn't you, couldn't you?" closed the cat.

"No no, I couldn't, wouldn't eat green eggs and ham for lunch or any other meal" objected Timmy.

"If you wouldn't, you couldn't eat green eggs and ham for lunch or any meal, then you would, you could eat green eggs and ham at the park, couldn't you, wouldn't you?" Closed the Cat.

"No no, I couldn't, I wouldn't eat green eggs an ham at the park or any where" objected Timmy.

"Then you would, you could eat green eggs and ham in the dark, couldn't you, wouldn't you?" closed the cat.

"No no, not in the dark or the light could I, would I eat green eggs and ham." objected Timmy.

"So you wouldn't, you couldn't eat green eggs and ham for breakfast. You couldn't, you wouldn't eat green eggs and ham for lunch or any other meal. You couldn't, you wouldn't eat green eggs and ham at the park. You couldn't, you wouldn't eat green eggs and ham in the dark. You would, you could eat green eggs and ham in a car, couldn't you, wouldn't you?" closed the cat.

"No, no I could not, I would not eat green eggs and ham in a car, a bar, from a jar, in the dark, at a park. I could not, I would not eat green eggs and ham here, there or anywhere ." objected Timmy.

" I see, you wouldn't, you couldn't eat green eggs and ham here, there or anywhere. For me to take flight could you, would you if you may, if you might try just one bite?" closed the cat.

"OK, if you will take flight, I may, I might try just one bite". agreed Timmy (pre-close closing signal, objections overcome)

"Wow. Green eggs and ham is good. I could, I would

eat them for breakfast, real fast

for lunch, in a bunch,

in a park, in the dark,

in a car, in a bar.

I will eat green eggs and ham here there and every where.

I would, I could. "


on to the add-ons.